We always say it is what is inside that matters the most. While this is true for us humans, it is also true for concrete. Sometimes you just have to know what is inside! X-raying is the easiest, safest way to know what is inside that concrete slab or under that construction site. Let us do a deep dive into everything about concrete x-ray: the science behind it, the best scenarios for its use and why you should consider it before embarking on a big construction project.

What is a concrete x-ray?

The medical world uses x-ray technology to get a sneak peek into things that may be happening inside the human body. It is one of the best medical diagnostic tools out there. Concrete x-ray entails the use of this same x-ray technology (x-rays and gamma rays) to “see” what is embedded inside, say, a slab of concrete. This is a great tool for knowing more about items that could be embedded inside concrete, like beam bars, post tension cables, etc. With the help of this technology, you can even digitally render the final x-ray image of the sub-surface in a matter of seconds. In fact, dense and highly congested slabs are quite ideal for the use of concrete x-ray imaging.

This imaging can be performed on slabs of varying thicknesses with great results. Using digital x-ray technology, an experienced radiographer can examine and mark the kind of subsurface feature than exists in a concrete slab within a matter of seconds. With this digital technology, there is no need to wait for the film to develop at a lab to see what is happening. The image will be in front of you in a matter of seconds.

Why is it essential on a construction site?

When any kind of construction job is going on, construction workers need a safe and reliable method of inspecting areas. This is mainly because a lot of the jobs that take place on a construction site need to be done in safe areas. Cutting, coring or drilling into concrete without knowing what is inside it can be quite dangerous. There is a high possibility of the construction worker hitting something. This could damage the equipment being used, or worse, cause grave injury to the construction worker himself.

Before a big construction job such as building a house or creating the foundation of a skyscraper begins, doing a thorough assessment of the site is always advisable. A concrete x-ray machine is one of the best tools to do this job for you. Many times, construction workers also need to assess the amount and level of structural damage to a site before they can embark upon repairs. The quickest and most non-invasive way to do this is by using a concrete x-ray.

Difference between concrete x-ray and concrete scanning

Whenever you want to “look” inside a slab of concrete, non-invasive methods are the most preferred choice. The two options you have are using a concrete x-ray or a ground-penetrating radar. Concrete x-ray uses the more traditional x-ray technology to “see” what is inside a chunk of concrete. On the other hand, ground-penetrating radar uses small pulses to map out the subsurface. This method uses electromagnetic radiation in the radio spectrum’s microwave band to do the job. Along with detecting objects, ground-penetrating radar can detect changes in material, cracks and voids.

Now, concrete x-ray and scanning using ground-penetrating radar both have their advantages and disadvantages. Out of the two, your choice would depend upon the construction site and the task at hand. For example, an advantage of ground penetrating radar is that you only need access to one side of the concrete to get a good “look” inside. But on the other hand, ground-penetrating radar cannot produce a clear image like a concrete x-ray. The radar gives you data about the site which can then be interpreted by a trained analyst.

Why should you consider opting for this service?

To understand the importance of using concrete x-ray, it is important to understand what goes on behind the scenes at a construction project, big or small. Any kind of construction job entails a number of smaller jobs. These include drilling, coring, grounding and cutting. Most of these jobs can compromise the strength of the concrete at hand. When you scan concrete, all the portions which contain an element are clearly marked out. These marked-out portions may hold anything from post tension wires to bars and beams. Once the construction worker knows exactly what is inside the slab of concrete he is working with, it will make his job of, say, drilling into the slab easier and safer. So if you are wondering why you should opt for a concrete x-ray or any form of concrete scanning, the number one reason is safety.

Why safety is paramount

To call any kind of damage to the rebar or post-tension wires at a construction site dangerous is quite the understatement, and construction workers understand that. It is something that can cause immediate structural failure, seriously injuring or even killing those on site. Knowing the location of the electrical wiring is also of paramount importance as touching an open/live wire can cause immediate electrocution on site. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a construction site, big or small, is inherently dangerous. It is one of the reasons why Australia has such strict laws regarding who can work at such a site, for how long and how qualified they need to be. A concrete x-ray can go a long way in making the construction site and the construction job at hand simpler, less dangerous and more efficient.

If you are in Australia’s stunning Gold Coast region and are thinking of starting a new construction project, contact us for concrete x-ray services. We have both the best equipment and the best technicians who are highly qualified and experienced in this domain. Give us a call, and you will not be disappointed.

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