Professional Concrete Cutting & Coring

Our professional concrete cutting and coring service is available to commercial and domestic customers in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

South East Scanning has a 24 hour emergency response service to assist our clients when projects are time critical or when safety concerns require immediate attention.

Our team provide concrete cutting and core drilling services to help provide additional efficiency on our clients projects.

It makes sense to use our precision cutting and core drilling service knowing that we are aware of the potential hazards hidden within concrete. Our experienced operators perform any cutting in a safe and responsible manner to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

We provide all types of concrete cutting, drilling, sawing as well as demolition and removal of concrete waste.

Our services are used for a variety of applications. Plumbers piping through walls, slabs & floors. Reinforcement of structure using starter bars, hold down bolts, chem-set of reinforcing bars. Providing access for air conditioning and mechanical installations, or data and cable installation.

Concrete Cutting

All types of concrete cutting, performed with precision accuracy and absolute care. From small scale incisions to large scale road saw projects – we have you covered.

Expert concrete drilling service for all size holes, depths and surface angles. We will work with you or your project manager to perform drilling to your exact requirements.

We can demolish and remove concrete waste to keep your project moving on time and on budget. We  can dispose of any concrete waste ethically and allow you to stay focused on other tasks.