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In New South Wales (NSW), South East Scanning places safety and responsible excavation practices at the forefront of our operations. We recognize the paramount importance of safeguarding underground utilities and infrastructure from damage during excavation activities. To ensure the well-being of our team, the public, and the environment, we steadfastly adhere to the fundamental principle of “Dial Before You Dig.”

“Dial Before You Dig” (DBYD) remains a comprehensive nationwide service, serving excavation stakeholders that include contractors, builders, and property owners. It equips them with indispensable insights into the precise locations of underground utilities and infrastructure before embarking on any excavation or digging project. This proactive measure is instrumental in preventing accidents, mitigating injuries, and averting the costly repercussions stemming from inadvertent harm to subterranean assets.

Why is "Dial Before You Dig" Important?

In New South Wales (NSW), the primary focus of “Dial Before You Dig” (DBYD) is to prioritize safety for all parties involved. Unintentional damage to vital utilities such as gas lines, electrical cables, water pipes, and telecommunications infrastructure can have dire consequences, including severe injuries, property damage, and even loss of life. By acquiring advance knowledge of the precise locations of these assets, we proactively steer clear of perilous situations.

Moreover, DBYD contributes significantly to cost savings in NSW. Inadvertent damage to underground utilities can result in substantial financial implications. The costs associated with repairing and replacing damaged infrastructure can be substantial, and the party responsible may bear the brunt of these expenses. Access to accurate information through DBYD enables us to avert unnecessary financial burdens.

Efficiency is another vital aspect of DBYD in NSW. Strategic planning of excavation projects, guided by the insights provided by DBYD, optimizes the process. It empowers us to select the safest and most efficient routes for excavation, effectively reducing downtime and ensuring the seamless progression of the project. This ensures that not only safety but also productivity is at the forefront of our operations.

Asset Location & Protection Specialists

Chances are you’ve observed people happily digging holes in the sand to create beachfront sandcastles – perhaps you’ve even indulged in this activity yourself! However, the world of mechanical excavation is considerably more intricate. Instead of excavating into rocks concealed beneath layers of sand, mechanical excavation involves the blind probing of subterranean assets, including water pipes, communication cables, stormwater conduits, electrical wiring, sewer lines, and fiber-optic cables. Despite these assets being hidden from view, it’s crucial to understand that digging into the ground blindly, hoping to avoid hitting any of them, is a perilous approach.

The ramifications of inadvertently striking a cable or pipeline are significantly graver than the advantages of acquiring knowledge about and employing underground asset location services.

What is mechanical excavation?

Mechanical excavation relies on robust machinery such as trucks, excavators, and backhoes. Given the substantial size of these machines, the risk of inadvertently encountering underground assets is more significant than one might anticipate. Typically employed for large-scale projects, the rationale behind using such heavy machinery often rests on the assumption that there are no hidden cables or lines beneath the surface. Nonetheless, in the unlikely event of an undiscovered cable, unintentional excavation into it could result in weeks or even months of work delays and complications. In such circumstances, prioritizing caution over recklessness is the wisest course of action when dealing with these matters.

What is ground penetrating radar technology?

With the continuous expansion of urban and coastal construction, the demand for underground infrastructure has surged to accommodate these developments. To minimize the potential disruption to these critical assets, we employ cutting-edge ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to meticulously map their locations, thus avoiding inadvertent excavation.

GPR is widely recognized as a geophysical locating method, harnessing radio waves to generate sub-surface images. What sets this method apart is its status as a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique, leaving the surface completely unaltered prior to excavation, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

At South East Scanning, we take pride in our commitment to employing industry-standard equipment for all our projects, delivering top-notch quality and ensuring successful project outcomes. As part of this dedication, we utilize Continuous Wave sensors renowned for their unmatched penetration depth and resolution. This technology provides real-time, crystal-clear, and live 3D imagery, enabling us to make informed decisions and execute projects with precision and excellence.

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How do we mark where the underground assets are?

To keep it simple and to make sure it was implemented with ease across the country, we use the National Colour Coding System for underground utilities.

Concrete Scanning, GPR Scanning, Concrete Cutting Images
Concrete Scanning, GPR Scanning, Concrete Cutting Images
Concrete Scanning, GPR Scanning, Concrete Cutting Images
Concrete Scanning, GPR Scanning, Concrete Cutting Images
Concrete Scanning, GPR Scanning, Concrete Cutting Images

Why should you get this service?

In New South Wales (NSW), the construction industry inherently carries significant risks due to the nature of the work involved. Consequently, there are imperative measures in place to minimize these risks. Acquiring knowledge about what lies beneath the ground before initiating excavation can potentially save you from legal repercussions and, more critically, prevent potential loss of life. By diligently taking these essential precautions, you not only ensure the safety of yourself and your team but also demonstrate full compliance with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws and regulations.

Beyond the risk of causing damage to municipal property, such as flooding streets or severing electricity cables, lies a more immediate concern – the well-being of your workers. Accidental damage to underground assets can lead to injuries when these assets rupture or are inadvertently severed. Even if the task has been undertaken regularly by you or your team, it’s essential to recognize that each underground landscape is distinct. While one site may bear similarities to another located a hundred meters away, there is no guarantee of complete uniformity. Prioritizing the fulfillment of duty of care obligations is not only a responsible course of action but also serves as a safeguard to protect your business from potential legal liabilities.

Beneath the surface in NSW, a diverse array of assets exists, including water and sewage pipes, gas lines, internet cables, and telecommunication lines. These assets are typically interconnected with neighboring residences or, in commercial contexts, linked to entire suburbs.

One of the most severe potential scenarios involves the inadvertent damage of a gas line, where a single spark can trigger a catastrophic explosion. However, the implementation of underground asset location procedures can prevent such disasters from occurring.

Why More Locals Choose

South East Scanning

1. Safe And No Destructive Detection Methods

Over years of research we have developed, safe and non-destructive detection methods.

2. Specialists and Experts

Specialist & expert in the detection of underground services and the non-destructive analysis of concrete for several years

3. Accurate and Reliable

Passionate for reliable & accurate service with measurable results

4. Informative Reporting

Our detection services allows you to see all the dangers and risks of damages that are not always on the plans

5. Licensed Team

All the technicians of Scan Plus are trained experts and well equipped in the latest technologies of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and radio-detection

6. Real Time Reporting

Our technicians create reports on real-time results so you can be proactive

7. GPR Technology

Concrete scanning with GPR Scanners.

8. Locating Underground Utilities

We have years of experience in locating underground utilities during our scans.

9. Locating Underground Conduits

We have years of experience in locating underground conduits during our scans.

10. Family Owned and Operated

Our family run and operated business, receive the service you deserve.

11. Fully Insured

We have insurance up to $20,000,000.

Who we are

We understand that you and your team are on the clock for getting a project underway. To cater for deadlines, our responsive team of locators can provide same-day reporting to this effect to ensure that your organisation is meeting its duty of care obligations as well as allowing you to continue with the build.

The purpose of underground asset location is to minimise the chance of damaging underground services during mechanical excavation. Here at South East Scanning, we use a combination of radio-detection equipment as well as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to locate water pipes, communications cables, stormwater pipes, electrical cables and conduit, sewer pipes and fibre-optic cables.

As we’ve been operating for a long time, our qualified team has worked on large-scale projects, from government departments, builders and project managers, surveyors, engineering companies as well as private homeowners and small businesses.

South-East Scanning is a provider of asset location services for the prevention of damage to underground assets. Our team of experienced locators are equipped with knowledge, experience, and industry-standard locating equipment to provide your business with utility detection works carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 5488-2013, “Classification of Subsurface Utility Information”.

For more information, contact our team today on 1300 175 543!

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Message From The Owners

South-East Scanning was established to meet the needs of a variety of industries that required ground-penetrating radar, concrete scanning services and professional utility detection services at a highly professional level.

We perform our work with the utmost care and attention to detail, combined with quick reporting and reliable service. Our service was created to assist a variety of industries including builders, plumbers, concreters, carpenters, and structural engineers. Our primary focus is honest and reliable 24/7 service.

We look forward to assisting you. Please call 1300 175 543 or use the form below for a fast response.

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Jordan Huxley
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Dion from South East Scanning was great to work with, answered all our queries, communicated well and had a good knowledge of the industry. Would definitely get them out again and would highly recommend.
Adrian Misuraca
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Aidan & Dion are great operators, called them out to complete a ground scan at a site in Brisbane. They were very detailed and great communicators. Will be happy to use them again on the next job and refer them to anyone, keep up the great work guys
Evan Beattie
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Aidan and his team completed a dial-before-you-dig request at our property at the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. He was able to locate several buried assets that were not on plans, giving us peace of mind with regards to our renovation. Highly professional and well priced. I can highly recommend Aidan and his team for any locating or scanning works you may require.