The Benefits Of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) is a process which sends radar into solid materials and produces data about objects that may be hidden within. GPR technology has been in development since the 1930’s, but its cost and availability have improved immensely due to technologic advances in the field. Different forms of GPR technology are used in many unique sectors, including archaeology and military surveillance, but the primary concept remains the same. As opposed to excavating “blind”, scanning an area of concrete you need to renovate or remove has advantages which make GPR technology an indispensable tool for modern projects.

The usefulness of GPR technology stems around its ability to produce information: it can give you the location and depth of electrical conduits, post-tension cables, reinforcement bar, water amenities, and other objects inside surveyed material. If you need to know the precise location any of these targets, it can be a source of infuriation and time loss without the capacity to do so (for example- trying to install a new water pipe). GPR scans generate graphs which can then be interpreted by our specialists to produce a detailed analysis on what is within. Our specialists can then mark the area with lines and symbols to indicate the location of any foreign objects, and you can begin your project. The GPR technology available is not limited to flooring surveyance- scans can be produced of walls or ceilings. This allows you to have thorough inspections of entire rooms if need be.

This information can be produced quickly and easily, with little effort on your part. GPR technology is compact enough to be hand-hand; it can be brought on-site and used, with little to no setup time. There is no bulky equipment or electrical cords to cart through your project’s floorplan, and the cleared working space need only be as large as the place you wish to scan. As GPR uses radar waves, not unlike to Wi-Fi, no unnecessary drilling or invasive inspection is required. Instead of exploring the concrete by looking inside, all the information can be produced on the surface.

GPR technology is designed and used to save clients from the pitfalls of working without a clear idea of the workspace: it is primarily used for avoiding damage towards utilities and other services. The possibility of chancing upon and cutting a buried object can be quite high in some cases. Unspecified locations of utilities in a building’s blueprint, undocumented additional services, or a lack of plan at all can lead to unintentional harm of important structures. Construction and renovating projects can range from small to significant- but to then rectify extra complications takes further effort and money. Getting a scan could mean the difference between a straightforward job or a long, drawn-out endeavour.

GPR is a useful tool which can give valuable insight. The gathered data is discerned by our specialists, who can then tell you what you need to know. It is quick, easy and does not require allowances for large machinery. Without it, you may be left in the dark and risk the chance of major setbacks. With GPR technology, all that can be avoided.

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